Saturday, August 3, 2013

Effective Ways

After Talking so long on my Journal even though my half ( bad english ) skill language, I really grateful with you guys still pay a visit on my Journal and some of you giving me quality comment about my skill this really help me to improve my Skill even my self. So on here guys i want to share you what i using as my reference until this say. ^.^

Community & Forum

As we know Forum & community the place where you can sharing anything on your mind, some forum/community has their niche, from arts, Internet Marketing, how to make online earning  even some of they talking about conspiracy or private life talk. But Here we'll talking about Internet Marketing & Webmaster Community.

On This Kind Community you can find many information related with Business Marketing, Online Earning, SEO & Links Building, when join on to community you already achieve some benefits. which : Get a lot knowledge, drive more visitor to your Business & get valuable link to your website (Forum Signature & Forum Profile). Here some forum that has big audience : Digital Point , Warrior Forum , etc

Know Your Competitor

On Internet Business you need to know where the advantages of your rivals. What they have and what they do. So for this many webmaster/SEO workers spend 100$ to 1000$ every month to spy their competitor. What You need to know is simple , Title & Meta Tag, Keywords they Use, Links source & content. So now you can do it for free, how? there many free SEO tools for checking those , like?  Ellys SEO Tools  , Majestic SEO , Ahrefs , etc

With This Free Tools You can check your Competitor Full analysis about their site/business for free, but some of them has limit daily use. so use it wisely.LOL . Thanks for reading our short articles even with crap grammer. LOL

Ellys * . *

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