Thursday, July 4, 2013

Kind Of SEO

I'll remind you bit about SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) you also can read it on Search Engine Characteristic article. That 2 kind SEO technique which , On Page & Off Page. So i will start from On Page first. This to is the most important for your business now day, some webmaster said well doin On page & Off Page SEO will making your Webpage get high rank on Search Engine Organic Result.

On Page SEO
Like I said before, you playground will be on your webpage/website, there some important point on this On Page technique :
  • Title Tag
  • Meta tag ( Description & Keyword )
  • Content Writing
  • Keyword Density ( do not over doin this )
"Google said if you putting Tag on your webpage the best practice was the relevancy of your Content Information with the 'TAG' , that creating for User/Human not for Search Engine or Bots." so you need to making your 'TAG' that describe your Webpage ,

Off Page SEO
You will working outside your Webpage , that mean you need to creating links/backlinks pointing to your webpage, what is Backlinks ?? Backlinks is like some recommendation from other webpage in order to increasing your Ranking on Search Engine Result. So How To get This BackLinks ?? Easy as flipping your palm, here is it :
  • Article & Website Directory Submission
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Social Marketing
  • Guest Post
  • Forum Signature ( Active on Forum/Community )
But on 2013 PR result doesn't determined by your Quantity Inbound Links anymore , on 2013 google PR algorithm decide your PR level on Quality of Links pointing to you & Relevancy of the Links. So it's will be nice if you working based on Quality not Quantity. "
 So Be careful to searching Backlinks. LoL

Ellys :)