Friday, June 7, 2013

Website's Introduction

Hi Guys , I come Back Again.

After read my first article About Making Money With Internet you need something to do, You can't just promote your "Software" (software of from my Imagination, LOL) without Website.

  • What is Website or Blog  ?
Website is Page of Information that served on Internet, that mean you need Internet connectivity to access the information served by Website Owner, website consists of several basic components like : Text,Image and sound. So you can understand information they serve. Website can be classified into 3 parts :

  1. Dynamic Website
  2. Static Website
  3. Interactive Website

Dynamic Website is structural page that can update anytime , dynamic page also can change their content depending on user needs, just by clicking on text links or Images then Information will serve after calling the required data from the database. Usually Images Gallery, E-Commerce using Dynamic Website.

Static Website is a simple Pages that creating using simple coding with low budget, the most advantage is High speed Loading & Work with any budget, usually people use this Static Website for Introducing their self,Company or Product.

Interactive Website is same like Cafe,Lounge or Restaurant (but on Interactive Website you can order food & drink,hehe) where you can talking freely with your friend, example : Social Media , Forum & Blog.

Next time i will try to explain more about them. ^.^

Thanks For Reading.

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