Friday, June 7, 2013

Dynamic Website

I'm Back Again. As I promise you Guys I will try to explain more about Website further. I know you already lost your patience, But can you gave me little time to show off?? Actually i was Main character here.LOL (feeling i was like an actress). Ok , Let's put aside my Little Un-funny Joke off.

Dynamic Website is structural page that can update anytime , dynamic page also can change their content depending on user needs, just by clicking on text links or Images then Information will serve after calling the required data from the database. Usually Images Gallery, E-Commerce using Dynamic Website.

To making Dynamic Website you can using some way like :
  • Making it using Client-Side scripting to change Interface behavior on specific page, so that can reacting with mouse over, keyboard actions ,or at specified timing events. 
  • Using server-side scripting usually using on some web design that involving Scripts on HTML source code , so in result when User made request for some content to database Server-side scripting will handle that request in first hand then passing it to database. Server Side Scripting usually used purpose to limit User Access, example : log-in.

If you Don't have time for updating your Website , the best choice is Dynamic Website because they really easy to maintain like when you want upload new product or article you just need write/upload the content then publish it , they usually using CMS (Content Management System ).