Friday, June 7, 2013

Build Your Own Kingdom

We already know what is Website & what purpose Website, of course from promoting your product or to share your life experience(e-dairy), now We Gonna start to making your own website. To Making your own website you need to know there 2 kind website these time.which :
  1. Free Website
  2. Paid Website
So we'll start from Good News First. that was Free Website . I love freebies you know, everyone love freebies. LOL

Free Website is uh.this kinda bit hard to explain,  it's like some people had house then he allowed you to stay for free even you can make your own shop on his house. the point is everyone know "Free" but really hard to explain it.LOL . There some Company Allows people to create Website For free. e.g : Blogger , Wordpress , Blog ,etc. You Just need Register then start Publish your Item.

Paid Website to build this type website , you need to prepare 2 essential thing and that will cost you.
  • Domain
  • Hosting
Actually sometimes you do not need Paid Hosting to make website ,coz there some Hosting provider over Free Hosting too like , 000Webhost , Webs ,etc.
Thanks For Reading ,If You Have any complain i would really love to hear it. ^.^
Ellys ~.~