Saturday, June 8, 2013


If you have shop then you'll pick names for your store that according with your product, right? It's same with Domain Case, Domain we can tell it was "Name" for your online store, but domain not just like ordinary names but it's also address of your Online Store.

Domain is name also address of your Website on Internet. People must fill Address box on browser to open and access your website. Domain have important role that make your website unique and different with other website.

Domain similar with software, they contain external extension like .com , .net , .org ,etc . there's 2 type of domain which :
  • TLD ( Top Level Domain)
  • gTLDs ( Generic Top Level Domain )
  • cTLD  (Country Top Level Domain )
TLD (Top Level Domain) is the most common & easy to remember extension name like : .com , .net , .org . Usually only by looking on extension we can presume what purpose of the website like , .com for commercial use, .net for network/system use , .org for non-commercial & commercial organization use.

gTLDs (Generic Top Level Domain) just like name Generic is mean as Cheap , you can buy domain names for cheap price, example of gTLDs extension : .biz , .info , .mobi , .name , .me , and .pro .

cTLD (Country Top Level Domain) this domain name bit special this using to re-present of country, if your website basis on United Kingdom then you should using . there sampe of cTLD : (United Kingdom), .ca (Canada), (japan) , .us (United States of America) , more.

You can use Some tools to check is your Domain available or not, here is it Domains Bots , Domains Tools , Domain , etc.

Thanks for Reading , Let me know if you have suggestion.
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