Saturday, June 8, 2013

About Hosting Plan for Your Business

Hosting is where you can place your Website Data,Article,product in Virtual Server that connected to Online, so if you want making website hosting has crucial part. Hosting same like Build House , hosting same like resources & tools . There to kind Hosting Paid Hosting & Free Hosting.

Can we use Free Hosting all time for my business ?. Usually if we using Free hosting they limited your resources for your website like bandwidth , Disk space , Database , e-mail & Domain allowed. You can choosing what you need , if first time better using Free Hosting first. then after your business run you can move your hosting to Paid Hosting.

You need paid Attention for choosing your Hosting Plan (if Paid Hosting).

  1. Server System (OS) common there 2 OS Linux & Windows , nothing special with this you just choose both of them . LOL.
  2. Disk Space this is important part, if you want run business you need choosing the big one ,why? every you update your website like article,image or videos they always count it. so it will full soon.
  3. Bandwidth this is capacity of access allowed every month, this bit complicated to explain it. Every Website & Page have size then if your website size approximately 1MB so each visitor pay 1 visit to your website that mean they already use 1MB of bandwidth , how about 10 visit/page view?Congratulation, that mean they use 10MB of bandwidth. but if you Choose Paid Hosting they give you good enough of bandwidth
  4. Domain allowed (maximum Domain in 1 hosting account) depend on your hosting plan each company has different plan about this. you just need choose it.LOL
  5. Database allowed (MySQL,SQL,Postgresql,etc) this too they also have different plan , better find good amount , you will need it if want to create website,blog,etc.
If you want to buy Hosting & Domain i suggest you to buy on Scala Hosting , why? They costumer services 24hours active. you just need to talk to them if you have any question about it.

Maybe this helpful.Thanks for Reading.
Ellys ~.~