Sunday, June 9, 2013

How To Purchase Domain Names

hi Guys,as we know we need domain names & hosting to make your Website or personal blog. so now I'll gonna teach you how to buy domain, I usually purchase Domain on Godaddy you can create your account first or later.Let's Start the tutorial :

1. Pick your Domain Name, look on picture. Fill text box and hit the search box.

Pick Domainfint your domain name

2. After you Hit Search Button , if your Domain Names Available then that must like this.
available domain names
hit Continue to Checkout Button. to continue next step.

3. Next to precess your payment.
pay your domain
hit check out button to pay your domain names. then Login Box or sign-up Box will appear on your computer.If you have they account already you just need to log-in then purchase , But if not you need to sign-up first to purchase it.

after you log-in or sign-up you just need to pick how will you gonna pay, using Paypal or Credit Card, like this.
place your order

after you Hit "place your Order" button then Congratulation you already own that domain names. LOL.
this is the simple step to purchase your Domain Names on Godaddy , i also believe on other Domain Seller will using step like this too.

Ellys ~~