Sunday, June 9, 2013

Basic Ways Making Money From Internet

If i correctly recall , i've to mention Using Advantages of Internet to drive money to your pocket. So on this article today i'll mention some ways to making money.

Blog Review/Guest Posting in these day over 70% people on the world know computer and they some of they already have personal blog, personal website & Website for company. So how can you make money from it? Usually these people willing to pay people to review their Blog or Website or productto increasing their reputation in Internet World. so this what they call Blog Review or Guest Posting . Example third party : Sponsored Review , Review Me , etc.

Links Sales/Advertisement this has same point with Blog Review or Guest Posting ,they will pay you in exchange you will put their Banners or Links on your Website/Blogs pointing to their Website. Example Third Party : Buy Sell Ads (Banner Advertisement) , Text Links Ads (Text Links), etc.

E-Commerce (Online Store) this i already explain it with a "my Day Dreaming Example" on this articles you can read it. Making on Internet so you can read it again. LOL

Free Lancer this case bit special you do not need Blog or Website , if you have skill and want to make money you do it with selling your skill services through Internet , Example site For Free Lancer : Freelancer , etc.

Online Store on Social networking , you can create page for your product on social networking like , Facebook then you can promote it within your friend.

this 4 is basic of making money on Internet , you also can expanse these for to next level , example E-Commerce you can make it to Online Store for Services like SEO services,Link Building Services, etc. So You Just need Research about people need now. LOL. Cheers ^.^

Ellys ~.~