Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Thing You Must Know.

Everyone maybe already heard about SEO contests or maybe some of you already trying to participate on the competition. People so enthusiastic with prize being Ranker,LOL , some of them was Cash then Voucher or other gift.

Yesterday i participate on the Competition in specific country, the competition Theme around " Real Estate and Property " , this is my first participation on the competition and this really exciting me becoz this will sharpen my writing and my imagination skill. Pray for me Guys.LOL, Oh yes , Here the Content That i Submit for SEO Competition. Here

Some Rules that you must know before participate it, The competition will have similar rules no matter where, Here , there or other world. LOL
  1. Using some keyword that they decide (Keyword1 , Keyword2 & Keyword3)
  2. Attach 2 or 3 links with their keyword
  3. Put They Competition Banner on your Blog
  4. You will not permitted to using Keyword on Domain ( Some of they not to allowing using Keyword on URL too depend on the organizers), Example : Keyword1.com,Key-word.com,etc
  5. Search Engine will being special Judge, Like: Almighty Google, His Sis Yahoo and etc. ( most SEO competition using those 2), Simple, the contestant that get the higher rank (SERP) was the winner.
  6. Write Unique Article between 500 to 1000 words , not including space
  7. You Can not copying other people Article.
  8. You Can't participate your SEO Competition Content on PPC.
This 8 was the most Important, so there no one will be disqualified by the organizers LOL. On Next Article i will trying to share what i know after research some blog that already participate on SEO Competition(Some of they was the Winner).

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