Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Search Engine Characteristic

Search engine resultStarting Optimizing your business to making money so to starting it you must submitting your webpage to Various Search Engine so they can sent their spider/crawler to collect your web page data and index it to Search Engine Google Add URL, then you must starting to learn characteristic of Search Engine , so what we waiting again let's roll the camera. LOL

Let's See how search engine look like first, usually search engine will looking like this image, on first result will be Paid Result ( advertisement ) then Comparison result after that Organic Result. To make more Sales to your Business You need make your website listed on first row on organic result with your keyword. ex:"Software or what ever you want" .

Why Must on First Row ?

I Know you will asking this stuff, even you don't tell me. LOL. Now day 50% visitor/costumer/people of search engine will "Pay a Visit" to first Row result then 20% on second row, third row for 10% and so on. That mean if you on 10 Row or more you just get visitor flow less than 10% , that will lowing your change to get Sales for your product. Webmaster Will Say like this " No Traffic (Visitor) same like No Sales".

So What Must i Do to Get Higher Rank ?

First you need to do is Optimize your Website for Search Engine & Costumer or commonly people known it as SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ), What is That ? SEO is technique to making your web page get more visibility on Search Result ' Natural' or 'Paid Result'.

There to 2 SEO technique which i'll describe on below :
  1. On Page SEO : Like the name Your Play area will on Content, Your Webpage
  2. Off Page SEO : Outside of your Web Page.
I'll Stop again on here, Thanks For Reading
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