Friday, June 28, 2013

Google's PR Update Schedule for 2013 ?

Today so many webmaster and Blog Owner now on high tense both physically and mentally, they so always asking when Google Update Their PR ? , Is Google already commence PR Update? lol. this case bit funny, like people can't longer waiting for it.

What is PR (Page Rank) ?? PR like Google rating for website the lowest PR is 0 and the highest is 10. 

is this statement was right?  "Webpages with a higher PageRank are more likely to appear at the top of Google search results." << this is not true, that not mean you have PR 10 then you have greater traffic from search engine ( google,yahoo,etc ) than PR 0 webpages. If your got PR 10 it's mean you Webpage got lot high quality inbound.

Google's PR Update Schedule for 2013


Although this schedule is not released by Google officially, this is prediction schedule of PR updates in 2013 is given below determined by the old schedule from 2009 to 2012
    Google PR
  1. 1st PR Update may be on January 28 to February 5 (this already confirm on 4th Feb 2013)
  2. 2nd update is thought to be on June 28 to July 6 ( on going/Not Confirm yet ) <<  ( No update Confirmed)
  3. 3rd PR Update may be on September 29 to 5 October.  (No Update Confirmed too)
  4. And the 4th and last PR Update of 2013 may be on 25 December to 29 December.  The Google PageRank update was early then we though , PR Update on 6 December 2013, 03:00 A.

Last Time PR Result determined by Inbound links ( backlinks pointing to your site both do-follow/no-follow ) & How much your Out Bound Links ( external link on your website ). So many Webmaster trying to manipulate PR result by buying Paid Links on other website in order to increasing their Website Link popularity.

But on 2013 PR result doesn't determined by your Quantity Inbound Links anymore , on 2013 google PR algorithm decide your PR level on Quality of Links pointing to you & Relevancy of the Links. So it's will be nice if you working based on Quality not Quantity.

Maybe this Short article not really help you , but atleast let me expressing my Passion. LOL
Note : This Update Schedule was determine from Goolge Habit from pass 3 year. Do not rely on it. ^.^
Ellys ~.^