Saturday, July 6, 2013

Is Directory Losing Thier Worth?

Now day many argument, pros & cons about Website/Article Directory usefullness , some webmaster said that Directory Submission already lose their worth on SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ), is that true? in my opinion, Directory submission still have great pace on SEO.

What is Article & Website Directory? is Container for Website or Article, with well manage Category or Subject in to hierarchical structure. You can refer Article & Website Directory as an encyclopedia that people find information related with they need. 

Directory Submission will helping you got Valuable Backlinks/Links to your Website , and Directory Submission was 1 Important way SEO technique, that will help you Business got Good rank On Search Engine.

I read on some forum they told me like this about Directory Submission,
If you used the same Title and Description then you have done immeasurable damage to your website.
I totally agree about using duplicate/same Description when submit your website on Directory , but about Title , can you make Different Title each Submit ?? i don't think so. You can do it if Only 10 Submit but over Hundred? thousand?.

All i can say , "not all you hear/read was right" ,Way to do Directory submission is :
  • Submit Your Business on proper/related niche with your Website
  • Never Use Apps for Directory Submission, better shake your own foot , ( Google Hates all about automatic stuff )
  • Avoid Link Farm Directory ( Auto - Approved Directory )
  • Do Not use exactly Same Description every submit.
Some Directory that we highly recommend for your Business: Dmoz , Yahoo Directory (Y Dir is Closing) , Ellys Directory , Business Directory , Website Directory , Leelgo  , Maxlinks
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