Monday, February 10, 2014

Google Encouraging Webmaster ??

On this 2014 so many thing (will) happen, about how to Build your Website linking. As we know Head of Spam Division of Google , Matt Cutts "Encourage webmaster to do not use Article Directory for Links". So it's mean Google already label Article Directory as Spam ??So next how to do right SEO on google eye's in future??Lol

Here the statement of Matt Cutts on twitter : .
Here take a look on his Video :
Long time ago people using article directory to build their link which they write content and insert 2 or 3 links on that article with their keywords and hoping people who read it re-posting that article on their website page including links contain inside to increasing their rank. But today Matt Cutts recommend webmaster to not do that kind technique anymore.

in my opinion he means to leave article directory that doesn't have professional editorial or spammy , duplicate article directory. So maybe we need more selective to find Good Source for Link Building .