Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Unnatural Backlinks/Links by Google Webmaster

Backlinks / Links pointing to your website really have big impact for Search engine result rank(SERP) and Page Rank it self. More Backlinks or links point to your website that mean more visitor will come that is simple thing long time ago.

But today that "Simple Thing" is more complicated than before, why ??Search Engine (google) start to sent message VIA Google Webmaster Tools about unnatural links to their site..

What is Unnatural Links??
Owner/Webmaster start gather links not using proper technique in order to manipulate their Search Engine Result or Pagerank, or we called that technique is " Black Hat Method". ex for Black Technique SEO :
  1. Using submitter software.
  2. Buying Links (Not related niche).
  3. Too much Keyword and repeat keyword.
these 3 was major of black hat method SEO , even lot people got message regarding unnatural links it's seems people still not losing their interest to Black Hat Method until now.

Ellys Kho ~.~