Friday, December 5, 2014

How to Submit Web to Directory.

As you know The directory submission still have impact in to SEO, even now people still not trust the good effect Backlinks from Web directory ( exclude spammy directory ). Today i just receive message from one of my customer that asking why my directory got Rejected , so i decide to write this article and let all my customer read it as reference for submitting their websites.

The Title 
This Section is really important as first impression to web directory editors or people seeking information , Me as editor of Ellys Directory , I prefer to accecpt listing that using their Domains Names without "www" and their domain extension. Example :

1. = Ellys Directory
2. = Backlinks Checker :: My Seo Tool

i believe all editor of directory will prefer that too.

After Title as first impression , description too you need to write description easy to read, simple and understandable so people and editors understand about your site what your product. Example :

1. Ellys Directory = A Paid General Web Directory .
2. Backlinks Checker :: My Seo Tool = The Tool that let you analyze your competitor backlinks with their anchor text.

Meta Tag
This Meta tag too you need do it same like description.

If you following this Guide i believe this will increasing your Change to Get listed on Any Directory by 25% - 40% , also it's depend how many submission they receive in a day. ^.^