Thursday, June 19, 2014

Auto Approval Directories List

This great news for webmaster who needs auto approval directories for their website you can find the list source on on Auto Approval Directory List. But not recommend it if you want to use the Auto Approve directory list for your money sites. Because this maybe can make your money sites got penalty by Google or other search engine. Because long time ago Google Decide to stamp Auto Approve Directory as link farm that violate Google Webmaster Guidelines as trying manipulate PR.

But if you decide to use for your money sites , you have to do something about your listing :
  1. Choose Appropriate category to your sites.
  2. Use your Title Bran.
  3. If there have option to make Nofollow Link that will great.
  4. Dont use Promotional Meta Decription so you can get favor from search engine.
  5. Dont Use Keyword on your Title
Maybe with this 5 step your sites can avoid google Penaltiy.
Here the List Auto Approval that we collected while ago :

Sponsored Listing No Date Added
Insurancees.comFFind latest insurance news and information inside.
Ellys DirectoryFFree resources directory with unique pink design, Ellys are collecting and sorted online businesses in to the categories. Submit your website in correct category and get it approved fast.
Website DirectoryFSEO and User Friendly Business Website Directory ,Edited by dedicated editor ,Fast Review ,Submit your Business on our Paid Business Website Directory
MaxlinksFWe're well known SEO friendly Links Directory to getting High Quality Links for your Business you mustn't missing this great change. Submit Your Business on
LeelgoFEmbrace your Business with high quality backlinks.
Afavor DirectoryFA favor for webmaster to creating good backlinks.
https://web2unblock.comFFast Web based proxy site.

Directory No Date Added
Add Good Sites119 June 2014
Alive-Directory219 June 2014
Ace Directory319 June 2014
Best Directory419 June 2014
Sublime Directory519 June 2014
Active Directory619 June 2014
A3Place719 June 2014
Abstract Directory819 June 2014
A Web List919 June 2014
Bed Directory1019 June 2014
AdBrite Directory1119 June 2014
Hot Directory1219 June 2014
Ad Directory1319 June 2014
Beeg Directory1419 June 2014
ClickSor Directory1519 June 2014
Hulu Directory1619 June 2014
Sublime Directory1719 June 2014
Poor Directory1819 June 2014
Ask Directory1919 June 2014
Craiglist Directory2019 June 2014
Ups Directory2119 June 2014
Bing Directory2219 June 2014
Interesting Directory2319 June 2014
Aquarius Directory2419 June 2014
Facebook Directory2519 June 2014
Ebay Directory2619 June 2014
Best Buy Dir2719 June 2014
Target Directory2819 June 2014
Family Dir2919 June 2014
AFunny Dir3019 June 2014
Backpage Dir3119 June 2014
Example Dir3219 June 2014
Lemon Directory3319 June 2014
SEO Directory3419 June 2014
Domain Directory3519 June 2014
Craiglist Dir3619 June 2014
Search Directory3719 June 2014
Mediafire Directory3819 June 2014
Analytic Directory3919 June 2014
Linkedin Directory4019 June 2014
Eco Dir4119 June 2014
Advanced Directory4219 June 2014
People Directory4319 June 2014
Business Directory4419 june 2014
411 Directory4519 June 2014
Reddit Directory4619 June 2014